Sunday, April 17, 2016

Out In The Garden Again!

The Sun Is Shining and I'm Gardening!

I ordered my seeds and I am going to plant watermelons, cabbage, carrots, pole beans, beets, cukes, spinach, red globe onions and pearl millet.  Most are old heirloom seeds and I am anxious to see them growing.  I will also have some squash and zucchini in there somewhere.

I have been out in the garden the last three days (mainly because I move a little slower now) cleaning up the yard.  Raked all the leaves I had left covering my gardens for the winter and raked the grass.  I pulled up and transplanted most of the things I had growing in an old garden spot and rototilled that up for more vegetable garden space.  I needed another sunny spot and that was it.  Also rototilled the regular vegetable garden spot and a space behind the shed.  Whew!  I am whipped.

So not too much going on in the quilting department with all that going on.  But, I still have two quilts that need binding.

 The end of the month we are going on a trip to visit 3 children, all in different places.  Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  We have a friend that volunteered to come and stay at our house and take care of the animals and house sit.  I feel so good about that. We have 4 fur babies that are going to miss us.


And Sugar

All are spoiled rotten of course, and needs lots of love and attention.

I hope all of you are finally enjoying some warm spring weather at last.  Until next time,


  1. Your fur babies are all beautiful. You will definitely nee the week off after the planting the said garden. I'll say a prayer or safe travel and a good time to be had by all.
    Blessings and Hugs

    1. Thank you Tonia, looking forward to seeing the kids

  2. Yes I did get to work outside today and it felt so restorative. You accomplished a lot in three days working outside! I used to have a vegetable garden when I lived I Ohio. It was so much easier to garden in the north vs in Fayetteville (sand) and Charlotte (clay). In both regions I had to amend the soil. I hope you have a great trip visiting your children. Your set fur babies will miss you and they will be so glad to see you when you return.

    1. Hi Joanie, thanks for stopping by. We have a lot of sand where I'm at too, had to add a lot to my soil, and I'm still not happy with it. Can't wait to see the kids.