Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow, Wind, Rain, Ice!

Well, that just about says it all.  The schools are ALL CLOSED, I risk my limbs making it out to the chicken coop.  The latch was frozen shut and I had to take a hammer to it to get it open.  The shed door was iced shut and I had to work to get that open too.  Yikes!  But the chickens were out for awhile, and they are all fine.

I started a top for the Charity Quilts we are working on.  I want to put one more border around to make it big enough for a child, but I don't have the right color.  So I'll finish it after I get to the store

 So I've got soup going for dinner, and now I'm going to start a quilt top for a boy!  Stay warm folks.





  1. A perfect way to spend a snowy, icy winter day. :)

    1. That's for sure, I guess it's suppose to be icy again tomorrow too!