Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yep, it's still winter!

Pretty as it is when we have a fresh snowfall, it is still winter!

So, I am keeping myself busy indoors.  I have a book I read at night before I go to bed, with a nice warm cup of tea.  Reading is very relaxing.

 Still working on the '365', and the RSC.  And, I started another project, a churn dash.  Good for using up smaller pieces of material.

It's fun and it's fast.  I am having fun going through my stash and matching up the materials.

The girls met at my friend Marilyn's house for some sewing time yesterday.  I always enjoy our time together, but I should remember to take some pictures of our projects.  Vera brought some yummy cookies to share with us, which we really enjoyed.

I have been on a soup kick lately.  We have gone through a pot of Italian Meatball, Split Pea, and Beef Barley soup.  I usually have a bowl for lunch, and sometimes we have it for dinner with a salad.  So good when it is cold outside.



  1. Put another log on the fire honey, He's so tired of hearing that. But this week I'v been stay in my room sewing, so I settle for a small heater aimed at my feet under the sewing table. It is located by an outside wall and it gets really cold under there. It's lunch time and that soup looks really good right about now. Just remember spring is right around the corner. Sound good until I start thinking of all the outside work that goes along with it. But I enjoy most of it. Have a great day and stay warm.

    1. yes, the days have been getting longer,yay! There is a lot of work in the Spring, but it feels so good to finally get outside.