Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Road Trips and a Finished Quilt

So last week the girls and I took a road trip about an hour south of here to Farwell.  There is a store there that is great for women. It has TONS of material, patterns and sewing things galore.  There is also a lot of fun decorating items to look at and a small craft section.  They also have a section for men with all sorts of tools and gadgets, so if you have stopped in with your hubby he has something to look at while you shop your heart out!  I purchased some material for my Grandson's music quilt.  (He's a guitarist)  Really a great place.

So I started my Grandson's quilt and found I needed a little more material.  Wouldn't you know it!  So I called my friend Mary to see if she wanted to go back to Farwell and she said yes.  She needed some material to add to a panel she had.  So we were off again!  We got what we needed and I also found 3 pieces of scrap from the scrap basket that I can use for my 365 circles.  Good trip.  We finished it off with lunch before coming home.  

I finally finished my churn dash quilt.  Here is a photo.

Tomorrow I am going over to Marilyn's house for our get together for talking, sewing, and eating! lol  Always a nice time together with the girls.

Wow, what a beautiful Horse!  Just had to share.


  1. Road trips are such fun, especially when they're shared with friends. Great finish, bright and cheerful. Grandkids will love snuggling under this one.

  2. Yeah, love those road trips! We always have fun when we take one.

  3. Hi Terry!
    Love your Churn Dash quilt, it came out great! No-one loves a road trip more than me, sounds like lots of fun. And that is indeed a beautiful horse.
    Pugs and kisses,

  4. road trips are the best to rejuvenate those batteries . your churn dash quilt is beautiful