Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bargello QAL

So Patty from Elm Street Quilts has had a wonderful tutorial on making Bargello Quilts.  I decided to follow along, and since I had never made one I made the small version.  Today begins the day to show off what we made.  You can visit her blog to see what others have done.  Here is mine.

Now that I have made it I might make a larger one, but I would definatly do different colors.  Well, it's a learning curve.

I was also featured on Connie's blog Freemotion By The River.  
This was quite an honor for me, thank you Connie.  Connie makes a lot of beautiful quilts as well.

I took the rainbow quilt up to AJ's to be quilted and I have another one ready to go as well.  These will be for my grand kids.

I will probably do a few of my circles today and maybe spend a little time on my ancestry.  (Another habit - oops hobby)

Hope it's getting to be a little more spring like where you are at, we are still messing around with the back and forth weather.
 This is how I feel about it!
(Picture from the net)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

As we celebrate Easter, lets remember the real reason.  Jesus Christ our Lord suffered and died on the cross for us.  Then he rose to give us eternal life.

In the midst of such turmoil throughout the world, we can have peace in our hearts knowing that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and he will keep us safe from trouble.

May all of you have a very Blessed Easter.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another Finished Top


Yes, I have finished my rainbow quilt top!  It really was a lot of fun to work on.  Now I have to get batting and material for the backing, and off to my Granddaughter it will go.  I know she will like it as I have already sent her a picture of part of it.  Her are some photos.

Yep, I really like this one!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Rainbow Quilt

Hi All,

It seems I am an impatient sort of person, which means I want to do it now!  So the rainbow quilt I was working on a monthly basis, as the colors were given, went by the wayside.  I needed to get it done 'now  I got busy and pulled more colors and made my windmill squares.  Here is a pic of it with the rows together.

I have started putting the borders on it, 2 sides are done.  I will hopefully get the other 2 sides done today.  I am making this one for my Granddaughter, she likes all of the colors.

Did you get your corned beef and cabbage yesterday?  We had chicken and squash, go figure!  Hope you enjoyed St. Patrick's Day whatever you did, and whatever you ate!

Tomorrow I am going with my girlfriend to see  play called 'The Last Supper'.  It is suppose to be very good.

The weather here has turned again, it's cold!  A little snow expected.  A few days ago it was 60!  Oh well, it shouldn't last long.

In honor of Quilt Day Seams To Be So is having a blog hop.  All of those participating will be sharing their quilting stories, and there will be a lot of giveaways too.  Carol at Just Let Me Quilt has the whole line up of sites participating.  Be sure and make a visit to their blogs and follow along.  

Have a great day everyone.
I am linking up today with  'Seams To Be Sew",  and Just Let Me Quilt


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Purse

  Hi All,   

Rainy and warm today.      Left the house about 9:30  to go to the quilt guild meeting.  We sat and sewed and checked to see what others were working on, but I didn't get any pictures.  We had lunch at Buccilli's and we all got the pizza buffet.  Yum, it was good. 

I had picked up a piece of material the other day that I just had to have.  It was sunny with sunflowers.  I decided to make myself a new purse with it.

I like it and it can hold a lot of stuff!

I also made a couple of pillow cases for HUGS.  Click the picture on the left to learn more about this program.

I sewed a couple more circles for the 365, and cut some 6" squares to make up pinwheels for the rainbow quilt.

After that I watched TV.  Chill time!  Catch you all later......


Monday, March 7, 2016

It's 55 and Sunny!

Yes, that's right! It is 55, sunny and the snow is melting!  YAY!!

So as for other news, I see that Elm Street Quilts has something new going on.  The Elm Street Quilts Bargello QAL!  It sounds really interesting, I've seen some beautiful Bargello quilts at shows but never attempted to make one.  They are starting out with a small one (two sizes available) and I thought it would be right up my alley to try my first one.  

Here is a picture of what we will be making.

So while I was at the store this morning I picked up some fresh material for mine.

Can't wait to get started.   Come join the fun, visit Elm Street Quilts and see for yourself.

RSC 15Then for my Rainbow quilt I have started making yellow pinwheels. This project is going on at So Scrappy.

So that's my news, going now to enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Report on 365

It's almost Spring and we are having a snow blizzard.  Funny, it was almost 50 two days ago!  Go figure, we're in Michigan.

So then, my report.  I have been making circles for 56 days and I have 85 circles done.  Well ahead of schedule!  Here they are:

Looks like I won't have to go a whole year before I start making myself a quilt!  Well, it is fun!